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  • Renate
    A familiar story! I also have warts after pregnancy. I tried to get rid of myself, removed it to the salon, only the scars remained, and the warts are no longer small, on the contrary, only new ones appeared
  • Susanne
    Yes, I also had it after several visits to the salon. A friend was able to remove papillomas so that they no longer appear. I ask how?? It turned out that she was using REMOVIO. I could not find it in pharmacies, I am very glad I typed your article! Politics
  • Monika
    Removio definitely helps, but patience is needed with large and old warts. The first time I tried it, there was no effect. Then I tried it a second time after a while, with a longer course. It works very well, I recommend it. I advise everyone who did not help, I advise you to try again.
  • Gisela
    I didn't believe it, really! And what was my surprise, it turned black, I stopped applying for a week, probably, and began to crumble and move away in pieces, I started gluing again and today a layer fell out. Underneath it all is clear skin. Of course, I'm still putting it on, so to speak, a control one! Take it and try it! Rimovio!
  • Helga
    I was prescribed Rimovio by a dermatologist, told to apply it every day for 3 weeks in a row. Now 3 weeks have passed, in general, I did this: I steamed my legs, rubbed with a file for the legs, then applied ointment, glued the plaster and kept it for a day, after a day I steamed it again and so every day. The skin begins to peel off and the wart decreases with this.
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